Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to make bunting (easy sewing project)

I've always loved bunting. It's so simple yet can totally transform a space.
So, I decided to make some for our room.
How to make beautiful bunting!
This is how I made bunting, in only 10 steps.
Be aware, I am a beginner sewer and this is my first project.
Please excuse my non-technical terms and very novice tips (eg. using pegs!).

Overview: cut out flags (two side to each flag), sew side edges, sew onto binding and you're done.

Time: As this was my first project (ever!) it did take me a while. Probably about 4 hours in total.
I think I would be able to do it in about 1-2 hours next time as I'll be more confident (and less worried about making mistakes).

Beginner times:
Cutting the fabric into triangles : about 1 hour
Sewing the sides: about 1-1.5 hours
Sewing to binding: about 45 minutes.

What's you'll need:
Scissors, thread, bias binding and pins
  • Sewing machine (I use a Janome Inspiration - great for beginners)
  • Fabric - about 1.5m of 2 different fabrics (this makes leftovers if using 3m binding)
  • Thread 
  • Bias binding (I used 3m)
  • Pins
  • Scissors, measuring tape
  • A4 cardboard (for template)
  • Iron (to iron fabric)
  • hooks (if you want to hang bunting on a wall)

Step 1: Make a triangle template. I just cut out a triangle out of cardboard.
            There are lots of templates online, but I just guessed.
Fold fabric and place template over fabric
Step 2: Place template over folded fabric (to make pairs of flags) and cut out flags
I found it quite tricky to keep the template still when cutting, so I used pegs!
Pegs help!
I lined up my flags after cutting them up.
The flags after they had been cut up
Step 3:  Pin flags so that they keep straight when sewing. Make sure you just pin the side edges (not the top), this will stay open. Remember: pin the flags (and sew) inside out as you will turn them inside out later. This will create a clean seam.
Pin both side edges - leave the top open
Step 4: Sew the edges you just pinned. I just did two straight lines and turned the fabric at the bottom so I got a point.
Remember: sew the flags inside out! This will make a huge difference if your fabric has two different sides.
Sewing edges of flags
Step 5: Cut off end. This will allow for a nice point when you turn them inside out.
Cut just after seam. Turn inside out.
 Step 6: Turn flags inside out. To get a clean point - push end out with scissors.
A lovely pile of flags!
Step 7: Iron flags and trim any loose threads. Cut off the loose edges (or "ears").
Trim the ends so that the flag has a straight top.

Step 8: Pin flags to bias binding by folding the binding over the top (open) edge.
I used a nice thick bias binding and it was much easier.
Leave about 15cm on either end so that you can tie it around hooks.
Pinning the flags to the bias binding
All pinned to binding

Step 9: Time to sew.
This can be tricky as sometimes the binding can come away from the flag.
You need to sew the flag between the folded binding.
I did reversed sewing before and after each flag to ensure it was joined properly.

Sew a straight line over the binding
Make sure you check that the flag is tucked up under the binding.
Step 10: Admire your beautiful bunting!
Finished product
Bunting above bed
Sew there you go! :)
Let me know if you've made bunting. I'd love to hear how it went.

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