Sunday, March 17, 2013

burgers, popcorn and writing...

I have decided to try something new. Something to really engage my students to write a persuasive text. I'm using burgers and popcorn. Yep, healthy hey?

Let me explain.
I found a cute burger note pad in a dollar shop and thought it would be perfect for teaching the structure of a persuasive text.

burger structure
  • Introduction (top bun)
  • 1st paragraph (first filling)
  • 2nd paragraph (second filling)
  • 3rd paragraph (third filling)
  • Conclusion (bottom bun filling) 
Click the image below for more information about structuring an essay.
click image for link

The class loved it! I think the best thing about it is that they really understood to the need to have 3 different ideas (3 different fillings tastes best!). It also helped to remind them on paragraphs.

I pulled the note pad apart and wrote on each section
It's also a great tactile tool for learners who prefer hands on activities. I can just hand them the burger and they can use it when planning and writing. It's great.

Oh, and I may have wrapped it up for it's first presentation to the class.
Yes... I was a bit excited :)

And now for the other unhealthy food, popcorn!
I found these cute pop corn containers at a dollar shop too. So sweet!
My popcorn words are words that are important to use in their writing.
pop corn words
 They could be changed to suit the genre you're writing. We are doing persuasive texts so I'm using strong describing words as our popcorn words.

I typed out the words I wanted my students to revise/use in their writing.
Then I cut them up and srunched them up and popped (ha!) them in the box.

I plan on handing these out to small groups.
Students can pull out a word, read it, write it in a sentence them scrunch it back up.
It's another tactile activity which your students will love.

Have you used the burger structure in your classroom?
What foods (or other things) have you used to help teach and engage your class?

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