Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to school

The beginning of 2013 has been busy but I'm loving being back in my classroom with a lovely new class.

One goal that I made for 2013 was to get more organised with my resources and worksheets.
As a Teacher, I have so much paperwork. Folders and folders of resources and booklets.
I needed a change when it came to how I sorted it all!

So, I tried a portable filing cabinet. Similar to this one:

I have a file for each week (eg. 1 - 10) and inside each file I put all the photocopies/worksheets and lesson plans that I need for the week. It's been great! A so easy to manage. When I needed a relief teacher for a day they could just go into the week and find all the sheets needed. It was excellent!

On my desk, I've also added this:

It's great for quick access to things like: newsletters, rolls and notes. Very handy and I love how it can still be colourful - very important :)

Another project that took me about 2 hours of laminating was this:

The words are from and are fantastic for students as a quick reminder for the beginning of the year. We read the words out loud as a class and students can also use them in their everyday writing. I will probably take them down during the year to encourage students to learn them off my heart.

What are your classroom goals for 2013?
Any tips?

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