Thursday, January 10, 2013

Free printable - Birthday certificates

I celebrated many birthdays at school.
I even had my 9th birthday on school camp, complete with a surprise party organised by my teachers. It was so lovely.  I still remember the bright green cake covered with rainbow sprinkles.

I love that I get to celebrate birthdays with my class. Children are always so eager to share what special things they do and what presents they've received.
Birthdays are great because we celebrate life and growth. I'm thankful for every birthday. A precious life that has made it to another year older. God is good!

I've already posted my Birthday chart that can be used in the classroom, but I also wanted to share my Birthday certificates. A simple way to celebrate birthdays that is budget friendly!

Last year, I gave each student a prize when it was their birthday.
This became a little time consuming, easy to forget and not as personal.

I've seen certificates in shops but thought I would make them myself.
So here they are:

Click here to download
Includes: 1 A4 page with 2 certificates.
Graphics are from
Simply print, cut out and they're ready to go!

I heard a co-worker mention that she filled out the certificates in advance at the beginning of each new year. This meant that they were ready to go on each child's birthday. Genius!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom?


  1. This site is amazing!Thank you very much. I was looking for something different and this is perfect.


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