Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Run run run

I've started running again.
I randomly decided to run last year as a way to get out and exercise. It was great, but I soon gave up and used "I'm working full time" as the excuse.
Now I have 7 weeks of holidays to fill so running is back on the agenda.

I'm using an iPhone app by Bupa called "Bupa Running". It aims to get you running 5km in 8 weeks, training for about 20minutes 3 times a week. It's free and is very similar to the couch to 5k program.
I finished my fourth session yesterday. I was totally exhausted but feeling the buzz of endorphins.

Positives about running:
  • feels great, usually after
  • clearer skin (I don't have particularly bad skin, but it looks better)
  • weight loss (not sure how much, but it does help)
  • tones the body 
  • encourages you to eat healthier. If I have to run this fast food off, should I really eat it?
  • happier- endorphins are a wonderful thing
  • better sleep- I usually wake up a few times, not after a running session!
Negatives about running:
  • hard. It's really hard to keep going. The app is a good accountability though.
  • motivation- it's easy to tell yourself that it's not worth it and too hard. Telling my husband to remind me to keep going has helped me.
  • uncomfortable- you sweat, ache and feel sick. (This does pay off though).
  • invest in good shoes 
  • s t r e t c h : I do get a sore back after running when I don't stretch
  • compliment running with weights/pilates and ab/push ups. It will actually make running easier.
  • drink plenty of water when you finish
  • don't eat a huge meal before/after
  • don't give up! I started out getting puffed after running 1 minute sets. By my fourth session I can do 2 minutes sets.
What's your best advice/running stories? 

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