Thursday, December 20, 2012


Frames and material from IKEA
I went to IKEA with a friend yesterday. I really love IKEA, like a lot.
It's a bit of a haven. So much colour, organisation and furniture. Oh, and fake plants. I like their fake plants. And their kid's section. So much fun.

I was really happy that I could complete a project I've wanted to make to ages. Framed fabric.
Very simple: you just frame a piece of fabric.

It can then be used as a blue tack pin board (no pins though). My friend had the idea of adding string (like my chalkboards below). I will definitely give it a go.
I was really happy with how they turned out. They will give a nice bright feel to my classroom.

I plan on using one near my desk for notes/reminders and another for the students. I'll let you know how it looks!
This is the fabric and frames that I bought to make the project:

It was super easy. I just cut the fabric, a little larger than the frame and put the backing back on.
Simple and effective!

Here are the other little things I bought: container (left) for books/marking, baby bowls and pens for a Christmas gift and the cutest little tin pots for my classroom. I think I'll make some laminated labels for them.
things from IKEA
What are your best purchases from IKEA? Any other crafting I can do?

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