Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to make a framed chalkboard

I love that chalkboards have made a return.

Chalkboard in a kitchen (click to view)

They are everywhere on pinterest and the blogs that I read. I dream of having a kitchen with a door or wall covered in chalkboard paint (like to one pictured).
I went to my local hardware store: bunnings.
They sell chalkboard paint for about $15 and spray paint for around $5-$10.

I also bought:
  • 1 large frame (Op Shop) - $5
  • 1 small frame (dollar shop) $5
  • Other things to spray paint included a $2 ceramic tub and some tins 
  • Chalk (dollar shop) $5 for a tub. It's not the best quality but it does work.
  • plastic drop cloth so that I could protect furniture from getting painted
materials (not the best photo, sorry!)
To make a framed chalkboard:

1x frame (with backing/glass)
1x spray paint (if you want to colour the frame)
1x chalkboard spray/paint
  1. Prepare area: lay down cardboard/drop cloth. Outside is best as there is more ventilation.
  2. Pull apart glass, backing and frame.
  3. Place frame on ground/area and spray with paint and leave to dry (follow the spray paint instructions)
  4. Chalkboard: spray backing of frame OR glass with spray paint (your choice).
    I find glass gives a better result but is a little more dangerous to work with as it's so sharp.
  5. Follow instructions for chalk board paint. I normally do about 2 layers - leave to dry to 2 hours - 1 layer and leave to dry for 24 hours.
  6. After 24 hours you need to rub chalk all over it the chalk board and then wipe off with a damp cloth.
  7. Put the frame and board/glass back together. If you have used the glass you need to put the backing board in behind it otherwise it will break easily.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful new chalkboard!

Chalkboard making tips:
  • Don't sand the wood/glass. You don't need to. It leaves stringy bits of wood/material coming through the chalkboard paint. Not a pretty sight!
  • You can use the glass in frames as the chalkboard - I find this works well and gives a much more even look. The paint does stick to the glass and it easy to apply.
  • painting glass tips: wipe with an alcohol wipe (I use meth. spirits) then spray the usual way. When it comes time to cover with chalk and wipe off, I got the hose and sprayed the chalk off. As it's glass it doesn't matter if the other side gets wet.
  • Be careful! When spray painting glass the edges can be very sharp. I cut my finger from lifting up the glass too quickly - wear gloves or use a tea-towel to hold/carry.  
My very busy crafting/baking day!

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