Monday, December 31, 2012


Christmas Pavlova
I'm enjoying the holidays. I can't believe that they are almost over though! I have about 3 and half weeks left before the busy year begins. I'm loving sleeping in, baking, organising and spending time with my lovely husband.

We made an escape for the beach after a busy Christmas and Boxing Day (we hosted a lunch and a breakfast). It ended up being quite tiring at times as we caught up with friends and family who were also staying there, but fun nonetheless. I did a run on the beach and really felt it the next day. I'm almost half way through the eight week program (yay!).

Our getaway to the beach
I'll be adding more resources up over the next few weeks as I prepare for my 2013 classroom.
I think I'll be aiming to make a few more little projects for my classroom as well, pinterest inspired :)
Until then, enjoy the rest of 2012. We plan to see the end of the year with friends watching Les Miserables - nice and low key.

Here's hoping that 2013 is full of joy, challenges and good times.

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