Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's been a while!

I cannot believe it's the last day of August! Where has the year gone?
No, seriously.... I don't know where all the time goes. It's been a busy year in my classroom and my life. We've moved house and are now all settled into our new place and area. I've had some relaxing holiday breaks and travelled to some pretty incredible places. 

Here's a few things that have been happening in my classroom and my life....

Shopping time!
I've made another classroom shop. It's the same as last year's shop- just a different table cloth. It's been great for Math lessons and really engages my class.

Starry Night!
We've been learning about Van Gogh and his "Starry Night" work. I loved getting to create my own version. Students will get to make their own versions too. I was fortunate enough to see the real painting in NYC recently - amazing.

Chocolate + The Chocolate Factory!
We're reading all about Willy Wonka and his amazing chocolate factory. It's perfect because the shops are selling bars of "Wonka" chocolate and there's even a golden ticket competition happening. Talk about connections to the real world! It's great.

Beautiful book
I've read "Wonder" by R.J Palacio. I loved it. I think all Teachers should read it. Actually, I think all people should read it. Yes, it's aimed a younger audience - but it reminds you of seeing beyond what people look like (or how they behave!) and how precious each person is. It will make you cry and laugh and remind you that Teachers can make a huge impact on those around them... and kids too :)

Green smoothie goodness!
I've gotten back into green smoothies recently. They make you feel so energised. My favourite so far has 2 cups of greens (spinach, silver beet, kale all work well), 1/2 cup of juice, 2 green apples, 1 banana and some LSA or chia seeds. YUM! Make sure you drink plenty of water after - your body needs the water to help process it all. I aim to have one every 2-3 days.

Raspberry and White Chocolate = divine.
Another recipe (I'm getting a bit off track...) that I'm loving is from here. They are amazing! I've made them twice now and they disappear in a few days...I tell myself they're healthy but my husband reminds me that sugar and butter are in fact not quite so healthy. I laugh and tell myself that if something contains fruit then it's healthy.

 Sweet would I stay awake without it? We had an incredible trip to the U.S over the summer... I miss it so much. Especially NYC. My heart belongs to New York! I have this mug as a constant reminder of our holiday. It's good to reminisce.

There's no better place on Earth.
Here is my favourite photo from our trip. Empire State Building on one of the coldest Winter days. It was brilliant. I remember eating "Five Guys" burgers after we saw the sites..even more brilliant!

So that's me!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free postcard worksheet printable

A fun way to engage students with Geography and History is to make it a travel adventure.
I love to see learning as a journey so of course you need an official passport! 

I've made a simple passport worksheet that is easy for students to complete themselves.

As I was making this, my husband looked at me (with a little smile) and said "Gosh, you suit being a primary school teacher". Yes, Yes I do :)

Free printable

Click here to download this free Passport printable
1x A4 page of 2 passports
Simply print (1 page = 2 students) and cut!

Let me know if you use them :)

How do you like to engage students in History and Geography?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 Teaching websites that I'm LOVING...

Here are some websites that I'm loving at the moment :)


Classroom Freebies
SO many free resources. They are organised by grade and theme.
Check them out!

Teach Junkie
This site has lots of great articles and ideas.
I've loved checking out the Math resources - go and have a look!

Tales from outside the classroom
A lovely site made by a Year 3 Teacher which features lots of ideas, resources and inspiration.

Which websites are you loving at the moment?

Free classroom labels

Classroom labels are super helpful for students (and Teachers too!).
For younger years, they help students connect an object with its name/word and spelling.
For older years, they help students find what they need and where they need to put things back.

I've made some simple labels that would work in most classrooms.

You can print, cut out, laminate and then use!
I love sticking labels on boxes, containers and shelves.

These labels (above) are great to have on tubs near your desk. They help students (and you) keep track of books, worksheets and notes that often get left in bags or even lost!

Click here to download these FREE 12 classroom labels

12 x classroom labels

How do you keep your classroom organised?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Teacher organisation pack

I love organising things.
My dream would be to have something like this....

So lovely...
Little things can make a big difference.
Here is a little pack of things that I think would help any Teacher keep organised and on top of the hundreds of things we need to do.

I've made a weekly planner - not for your timetable, but for other things like meetings and what you need to prepare (for me, I need reminders to prepare homework!).
There's also some cute "to do" lists.
And some little notes that you can print, cut and give out when needed. These are great to give to colleagues, parent helpers and even students.
Click here to download this FREE teacher pack!
1x weekly planner
1x page of "to do" lists
1x page of notes


Friday, September 20, 2013

Remember this.

“I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or dehumanized.”
- Haim G.Ginott
    As Teachers, we have a powerful influence over those we teach.

Take time to think about how you talk to your students.
Take a breath before you cut down a student.
Take a moment to be thankful for the little minds who are sitting and watching you.
Take just a second to understand that you are important. So important.

What climate to do you try to create?

Take care of yourself

We don't always hear it, but you need to take care of yourself.
There's a reason they tell you to fit your oxygen/life-jacket before helping others.
You need to take care of you so that you can help others.

I'm a rusher. I often try to do 100 things on my breaks.
One really simple way to take care of yourself is to sit (yes, JUST sit) and eat lunch.
Eating healthy is also a great way to take care of yourself :)
Chicken Quinoa salad
My husband has jumped on board with my new "salad lunches" and is loving it.
So far we've enjoyed Quinoa with chicken, veggies and fetta.
Easy to prepare and healthy.

How do you take care of yourself as a Teacher?
Would love to hear more ideas...